About Us

The Spiritual Capital Initiative, a part of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, is led by Professors Ted Malloch and Miroslav Volf. The Initiative will spend the next several years researching the virtues derived from faith that contribute to flourishing corporations.

A recipient of a three-year grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the Initiative will publish and make widely available for use in business and management schools 24 case studies that profile individual case companies and a particular faith- or tradition-grounded virtue which they embody.

Additionally, the Initiative will:

  • produce, with PBS affiliate WFYI, a documentary on “Doing Virtuous Business” highlighting twelve companies that exemplify virtues today’s companies and economies need to thrive
  • publish additional resources on spiritual capital by means of a comprehensive website
  • work with the European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS) to host a series of conferences where business leaders and academics will discuss world religions’ traditions of practical wisdom and their implications for business
  • publish the best papers from the conferences in dedicated issues of the Journal for Management Development, one of the world’s premier academic journals on management

We look forward to keeping you informed of our research; please come back and visit our website as it grows and expands.